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Robert Henke: CBM 8032 AV

image of live performance shows robert henke standing in front of green and back digital screen with a bank of computers and electronics set up

Old technology, new sounds – Robert Henke commands a line-up of five 1980s Commodore computers to create this retrofuturistic audiovisual work.

These computers were never supposed to be used to create music. Modifying them with his own software, Henke wrestles out extraordinary sound and imagery – digital clicks and glitches with geometric projections reminiscent of old sci-fi. Though vintage, this hardware produces an audio-visual experience which is at once modern, complex and fluid. ‘Everything presented within the project could have been done in 1980,’ says Henke, ‘but it needed the cultural backdrop of 2019 to come up with the artistic ideas driving it.’

Part-artist, part-scientist, Robert Henke is one of the most influential electronic musicians working today. As Monolake, he blurs the lines between ambient, club and electronic textures. His impact is even more widely felt as one of the engineers behind Ableton Live, the music production software which has transformed music.

Created by Robert Henke with Anna Tskhovrebov, Mark J-K, Ralf Suckow and Sebastian Wolf.


This concert will start at the advertised start time and running times will be confirmed closer to the event

Produced by the Barbican

Digital Programme


Photo of Robert Henke's album cover

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Photo of Robert Henke talking in an interview

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Take a look at Robert Henke's RBMA Berlin 2018 lecture, where he discusses the importance of limits, working with lasers and the history of Ableton Live.

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