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Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

London Symphony Orchestra/Nathalie Stutzmann

Nathalie Stutzman

Nathalie Stutzmann brings together three landmark German composers from the Romantic era: Wagner, Mendelssohn and Brahms.

Based on the medieval legend of Tannhäuser, who wandered into the realm of the goddess Venus, Wagner’s most vividly descriptive work reflects the fragile line between spirit, flesh and human desire. Feel the pulse of the strings as the instruments build and weave into each other, desperately seeking salvation … but finding chaos instead.

Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto is one of the masterpieces of the violin repertoire, a work that changed the course of musical history. From the hauntingly beautiful opening motif, to scurrying arpeggios and fluttering tremolo, the concerto is a true display of the violinist’s versatility.

Battling with the pressure of living up to Beethoven, Brahms took 14 years write the multi-dimensional Symphony No 1 – then peace at last. After the premiere of the work, it was affectionately called Beethoven’s Tenth.

End time approximately 9.45pm. The concert includes a 20 minute interval.

Pre-concert performance

6pm, Barbican
LSO Platforms: Guildhall Artists
Free pre-concert recital


Barbican Hall