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Dvořák: 'From the New World'

London Symphony Orchestra/Ádám Fischer

Adam Fischer

Three works of irresistible effervescence mark Ádám Fischer’s LSO conducting debut.

Haydn’s 88th symphony comes roughly three-quarters of the way through the composer’s symphonic output and is a tuneful and inventive work. Upon hearing the second movement Brahms is said to have exclaimed, ‘I want my Ninth Symphony to be like this!’. Mozart was still a teenager when he wrote his Second Violin Concerto. ‘He could express the yearning and the desire and the pain of human existence and yet it felt so easy,’ says tonight’s soloist, Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider.

There are some works which seem to have always been in the public’s consciousness. To some Dvořák’s Ninth Symphony will bring to mind sliced bread, but it also symbolically accompanied humanity on its first important journey into the universe, when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong reputedly played a recording of it as they stepped out of Apollo 11 onto the moon.

Duration to be confirmed closer to the event. It includes a 20 minute interval.

Pre-concert performance

6pm, Barbican Hall
LSO Platforms: Guildhall Artists
Free pre-concert recital

Barbican Hall