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Kill it and Leave This Town (18*)

London International Animation Festival 2020

Animation: a row of sketched kiosks on a blue street with sparse trees

Taking 14 years to come to fruition, veteran animator Mariusz Wilczynski presents a deeply personal look at his own life and that of his parents.

This surreal and striking animation sees Mariusz Wilczynski revive the memories of growing up in the industrial town of Łódź during the 60s and 70s when Poland was under communist rule. With dark recollections and surreal dreams, the film takes the viewer into a world of abstract horror, graphic violence and dumbfounding narration - a quest through the animator's own past that blurs the living and the dead into a bittersweet orgy of squiggles and undefinable sadness.

“Kill It and Leave This Town” is not just an intimate story about unfinished conversations with my mum and dad; not just a longing for a friend. It is also a portrait of the city I come from, the city I remember. Gray, gloomy, full of chimneys, proletarian and yet beautiful. The city that attracts and repels. The city that I love.” - Mariusz Wilczynski

Tagged with: Cinema LIAF 2020

Poland 2020 Dir Mariusz Wilczynski 88min

Winner Best feature film at Ottawa International Animation Festival

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