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British Showcase (15*)

London International Film Festival 2020

animation of a clay model figure

A screening of the best recently released British animation, including UK and world premieres. Check the pulse of the British animation scene and see the films that take British animation to the world

The history of British animation is a long and complex story, but British filmmakers have a tendency to dig in and continually create visually innovative and often socially incisive animated films, whatever the circumstances and in recent years on ever-diminishing budgets.

This screening is a celebration of these amazing filmmakers and their feverish imaginations featuring many newcomers, promising film school graduates and first-time animators. Nobody in the world screens more British animation than LIAF and this snapshot of the state of British animation paints a vibrant picture of a spirited and visionary animation nation.

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The Song of a Lost Boy
A  young choir boy has a crisis of faith after his voice breaks mid-solo, so decides to run away from his community.
UK 2020 Dir Daniel Quirke 10min

Music Unites: Herbie Hancock & Kamasi Washington in Conversation (World premiere)
Two musical innovators talk about the power of music to transcend differences, and the importance of collaboration in the creative industry.
UK 2020 Dir Wednesday Studio 2min

Irma (UK premiere)
Hurricane Irma is coming. In the calm before the storm on the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe a little girl is getting excited.
UK 2019 Dir Lisa Cruz 5min

Cwch Deilen
Learning to love someone can be scary, but it can also lead to the most marvelous adventure.
UK 2020  Dir Efa Blosse-Mason 8min

Nadirah: Coal Woman (UK premiere)
An ethnographic portrait of one stigmatised woman coal miner, in the village of Kante, in Tajikistan.
UK 2019 Dir Negar Elodie Behzadi, Kate Jessop 2min

2.35m (World premiere)
A frustrated relationship between a father and daughter who are always 2.35 metres apart from eachother.
UK 2020 Dir Andi Concha 7min

My Dream, My Taste
A young girl, in pursuit of her dreams, ends up detached from others and the world around her.
UK 2020 Dir Emily Downe 3min

Quilted (World premiere)
An elderly couple and their experience with dementia; one living with the condition and the other witnessing its effects and learning how to accept it.
UK 2020 Dir Cat Baskerville 3min

During a long hot summer in and enchanted Russian wilderness, Child is forced to grow up when her world is turned upside down.
UK 2020 Dir Dominica Harrison 7min

The story of the Northern Irish women who have made the journey to England for an abortion.
UK 2020 Dir Meg Earls 3min

The Unknown (UK premiere)
Sam, a bored accountant, returns home from his workday to meet a strange masked figure who accompanies him on a journey across a surreal landscape.
UK 2020 Dir Stephanie Marshall 10min

The fear of being overwhelmed by the outside world can literally make you lose your head.
UK/Portugal  2019 Dir Ala Nunu Leszyńska 5min

Mountain (UK premiere)
Four retired mountaineers reminisce about the crippling injuries they sustained attempting to conquer a mythical mountain in their youth. 
UK 2020 Dir Harrison Fleming 5min

Wandaland (UK premiere)
A fictional animation tycoon slowly becoming untethered from reality builds the ultimate monument to himself - an ill-fated theme park.
UK 2019 Dir Richard Noble 6min

Isle of Chair
On a secluded Island, a chair has fallen down.
Taiwan/UK 2020 Dir Ivyy Chen 6min

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