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Varda by Agnès (15)

Varda by Agnès

This final film from director Agnès Varda sees the beloved auteur take us through her history of filmmaking, and her philosophy of cinema and life. 

In typically idiosyncratic fashion, this time spent in the company of  Agnès Varda is an experience marked by a sense of curiosity, humour and dedication to observation. 

Using a mix of excerpts from Varda's films, recorded conversations and some new footage, including a meeting with Sandrine Bonnaire – star of her 1985 feature Vagabond – Varda looks over her body of work, her relationship with her husband Jacques Demy and her life as an artist. 

This is a fitting ending to a filmmaker with one of the most distinctive visions in modern cinema and a pleasure beginning to end. 

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France 2019 Dir Agnès Varda 115 min

‘It’s a charming and characteristically bittersweet farewell that allows Varda to have the final word on her films‘
‘Varda’s approach here is a kind of expansive introspection; it’s a film which looks both inwards and outwards‘

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