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Monos (15)

A young woman and some children wait attentively at a radio in the film Monos

In an unnamed South American location, a group of children, known only as ‘The Organisation’ take a hostage, in this spectacular feature from Alejandro Landes.

On a remote mountaintop, the rebels perform military exercises, while keeping an American doctor (Julianne Nicholson) prisoner. Going by nicknames such as Rambo, Boom Boom and Wolf, the Lord of the Flies-esque society functions through ever-changing organised chaos.

With a compelling electronic soundtrack by Mica Levi and stunning cinematography that demands the big screen, this is unlike any other film you’re likely to see this year. 

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Colombia/ Argentina/ Netherlands/ Germany/ Sweden/ Uruguay/ US/ Switzerland/ Denmark 2019 Dir Alejandro Landes 102 min

Audio Description is available for all screenings of Monos in Cinema 2 & 3. Please inquire at box office to pick up a headset.

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