High Life (18)

A close up of Robert Pattinson in astronaut gear

Modern great Claire Denis’ English language debut is a meditation on life, death, sex and space.

A master of the textural and existential, Denis dips her toe into science fiction’s more morally ambiguous corners with this visceral deep space thriller.

Robert Pattinson, Mia Goth and Andre Benjamin are the ‘recycled’ inmates on a self-acknowledged suicide mission to harvest black hole energy, with Juliette Binoche in charge of her fellow prisoners as the deranged, bodily fluid-obsessed in-flight doctor.

Playing out like an off-planet And Then There Were None with generous helpings of body horror, High Life muses on what it means to be human in the least humane of circumstances.

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France/Germany/UK/Poland/USA 2018 Dir Claire Denis 110 mins

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