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Come Together: Laurie Anderson's Home of the Brave (U) + Introduction

laurie anderson

A rare chance to see Laurie Anderson’s astonishing concert film, shot in New Jersey in 1986, on the big screen.

Home of the Brave is one of the most visually inventive music concerts to be captured on film. 90 minutes of thrilling music and spoken word performance art are accompanied by cutting-edge computer-generated animations and electronically modified instruments.

Roger Ebert called it a cross between “a cosmic Garrison Keillor and Talking Heads”, although that description only scratches the surface of Anderson’s wonderfully weird numbers. Highlights include the haunting ‘Excellent Birds’, the entire, bonkers rendition of ‘Smoke Rings’ and a surprise cameo appearance from William S Burroughs. There’s nothing else like it.

US 1986 Dir Laurie Anderson 90 min


‘She does not give concerts. She attempts to create in her audiences a more open, wondering state of mind.‘

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