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Town Bloody Hall (12A*)

A still from Town Bloody Hall

This hugely insightful document of early-70s gender politics records an explosive panel discussion on the topic of women’s liberation moderated by Norman Mailer in front of a boisterous crowd.

A chaotic, cacophonous evening, it consisted of an encounter, on stage, between Mailer – whose incendiary essay ‘The Prisoner of Sex’ had just been published in Harper’s magazine – and four pre-eminent second wave feminists, among them Germaine Greer, author of The Female Eunuch (1970).

What begins as a panel descends into an all-out fight, with a snarly, acerbic Mailer at its centre. Discord erupts among the panellists; one participant’s opening remarks are interrupted by a lesbian love-in. The audience – who include such leading figures as Elizabeth Hardwick, Cynthia Ozick, Susan Sontag and Betty Friedan – are delighted, sometimes outraged, and pitch in with questions and remarks of their own. 'I don’t like being called a "lady writer", Norman,' says Sontag, 'It feels like gallantry to you, but it doesn’t feel right to us.'

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US 1979 Dirs D A Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus 85 min Video projection

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