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On the Waterfront (PG)

Part of: Bernstein 100

Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint, On the Waterfront

Leonard Bernstein provides an extraordinary soundtrack full of drama, danger and pathos to Elia Kazan’s masterful story of a man taking on his corrupt dock union.

Marlon Brando gives a seminal performance as Terry Malloy, a working-class guy from Hoboken who ‘coulda been a contenda’, if only he hadn’t thrown his boxing match in Madison Square Gardens. Unknowingly involved in the murder of a longshoreman, Malloy turns against his brother and the local community by breaking the code of silence. 

Heart-breaking and brutal at times, On the Waterfront features terrific supporting turns from Karl Malden as the local priest, Eva Marie Saint as the sister of the murdered man, and Rod Steiger as Terry’s conflicted brother. 

US 1954 Dir Elia Kazan 103 min 


Barbican Cinema 2