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Common Ground

Barbican Young Visual Arts Group

common ground

Join the Barbican Young Visual Arts Group as they transform Level G into a multi-disciplinary exhibition of their work.

A temporary collective of 16–25 year old artists, the Barbican Young Visual Arts Group have curated a two day pop-up show of their work which will be featured in the Level G public spaces. Taking on the themes of the Art Gallery exhibition, Another Kind of Life: Photography on the Margins, as a starting point, the group has explored what ‘community’ means to them. 

Join them and question what it means to be excluded or included as you explore work that uses live performance, written word, sculpture and sound art to investigate our heritage and challenge what it means to be ‘at home’.

The exhibition features work from 13 artists: Yagiz Akin, Pietro Bardini, Beth Christlow, Cosima Cobley Carr, Ranura Edirisinghe, Joe Fear, Katie Fiore, Stephanie Francis-Shanahan, Maria Goundry, Maisie Linford, Aroob Sajjad, Moyin Saka and Natasha Thomas.


Saturday 2–11pm
Sunday 11am–8pm 

This a Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning project.

About the Barbican Young Visual Arts Group

Each year a collective of 16–25 year form joined by their mutual love for the visual arts. Over several evening and weekend sessions they develop their skills and hone their talents whether that’s as a future curator, programmer, marketer, teacher or artists.

With the guidance of Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning producers and industry mentors the group sees how an arts centre like the Barbican works and working together curate their own show. This event is that show. 

£5 Young Barbican exhibition tickets

Aged 14-25? Sign up for free and unlock £5 exhibition tickets for you and a mate


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