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John Boughton & Elain Harwood in conversation

Barbican Archive Talks

a black and white photo of the barbican when it was first built

Join John Boughton and Elain Harwood for an evening of discussion as they cover Municipal Dreams, a screening of Barbican along with an audience Q+A session.

In preparation for its 40th anniversary in 2022, the Barbican Centre is gathering together its archive, and encouraging people to get involved in thinking about its history.

Along the way the new Archives department will be hosting a quarterly series of talks on the wide range of issues which intersect on this unique, Grade II-listed complex.

In this, the first talk of the series, we invite you to join John Boughton and Elain Harwood in conversation along with an introduction from the Archive curators, a screening of Barbican and a provocation inspired by Municipal Dreams.

Municipal Dreams (Verso, 2018) was written by John Boughton who is also a social historian whose blog Municipal Dreams is one of the most widely read and respected chronicles of council housing’s past and present. He talks on housing to a wide range of audiences and has supported a number of housing campaigns. He has previously published in the Historian and Labor History. He lives in London. 


Frobisher Auditorium 2