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Brahms, Adès, and Mendelssohn

London Symphony Orchestra/Bernard Haitink

Veronika Eberle

The LSO crosses centuries of music in one night, with two great Romantics and a piece that reaches to the past but belongs firmly in the 21st century.

Bernard Haitink is the kind of conductor who can, through even the smallest of gestures, change the sound of an orchestra and reveal new dimensions within a piece of music. Here, with the LSO, he brings this insight to bear on music that spans the eras – the sweeping strains of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto and Brahms’ soaring Symphony; and the sophisticated inventions of Couperin, brought rushing from the Baroque into the present day by British composer Thomas Adès.

Pre-concert events

15 October:
LSO Platforms: Guildhall Artists
Barbican Hall 5.30pm, free entry

Barbican Hall