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Random International: Rain Room

Man standing in a room full of rain
8 Oct 2012
2 min watch

What does it feel like to control the rain? 

Known for their distinctive approach to digital-based contemporary art, rAndom International’s present their latest experiential artwork in Rain Room. Their largest and most ambitious installation yet, Rain Room is a 100 square metre field of falling water for visitors to walk through and experience how it might feel to control the rain.

On entering The Curve, the visitor hears the sound of water and feels moisture in the air before discovering the thousands of falling droplets that respond to their presence and movement using cutting edge technology.

Inviting us to explore the role science, technology and human ingenuity play in our environment, Rain Room is at once an intense elemental experience and an unexpected place for contemplation.

rAndom International's Rain Room was exhibited in The Curve, 3 October 2012–4 March 2013
The exhibition was supported by Arts Council England.

Rain Room was made possible through the generous support of the Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation for Art

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