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A playlist by 'Reframing the Fat Body' curator Grace Barber-Plentie

a fat black dances on a pole in darkness, lit by a blue light
25 Nov 2020

Reframing the Fat Body curator, Grace Barber-Plentie, writes about the inspiration for her music playlist.

As part of my work for the Reframing the Fat Body screening, I wanted to create a Spotify playlist that incorporated some of the most iconic fat musicians who have helped shape both music and the way that we think about fatness in pop culture.

From our pioneers such as Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Mahalia Jackson to the Queen of Soul and Walrus of Love - Aretha Franklin and Barry White - all the way to new fat musicians like Lizzo and Brittany Howard, these singers show that fatness is something that can be reframed not just visually but also aurally.

Reframing the Fat Body is a programme of short films bringing together unique perspectives on fatness from different identities to create a fat utopia.

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