Join us as we head into our cinema archive, dust off the tapes and rediscover exclusive conversations with some of the world's leading filmmakers and film fans. On the first Monday of each month, we'll be releasing a never before broadcast ScreenTalk from our archive.

Ken Loach

Amma Asante

Terry Gilliam

Joanna Hogg

Ben Wheatley

Clint Mansell

Carol Morley

Horace Ove

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Since the early 1990s, we’ve been recording our ScreenTalks - building up a formidable collection of interviews with some of the world's leading filmmakers and film fans. Now we've gone back to the archive, dusted off the tapes, and will be releasing a new Screentalk every month. Until now, the ScreenTalks have only been enjoyed by those in the auditorium but with the ScreenTalk Archive, we want to share these fascinating, entertaining and sometimes provocative discussions.

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ScreenTalks Archive complements Film in Focus, a year celebrating the power of the moving image and its influence across the arts.