Open Lab

'The fact that we can come here as a hub of creativity is priceless. […] This is the first time we have genuinely been able to play and experiment, knowing that this is seed planting for a larger piece we want to develop.'
The Lotos Collective – Lab participant

Open Lab gives artists the space to experiment in a working theatrical space without the expectation of a final product. We programme 15 Lab weeks over the year in the Pit Theatre.

We focus on artists collaborating across, and often beyond, art forms.

We accept proposals from artists from all disciplines who:

-Are at the beginning of a cross arts and/or participatory idea or question
Want to try something that scares them
Are curious and brave who want to explore process with new collaborators

It’s not a place to rehearse, it’s a laboratory to experiment in.

Alongside the Labs, we also invite artists to a range of activity including
CPD training weekends, cross arts residencies and masterclasses, Connecting Conversations-themed dinners and discussion events, as well as seminars and networking evenings. To sign up for more information please, email

How to apply for an Open Lab slot
Our most recent call for applications is now closed. However, If you have any questions about Open Lab 2015/16 please email

Photograph of Brave New Worlds taking part in an Open Lab, taken by Camilla Greenwell