Calixto Bieito

Based on texts by William Shakespeare

6 - 10 November 2012 / 19:45

£16 - 35

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What the press says about Calixto Bieito...

'For the better part of the past decade, no season has been complete without a scandal involving the work of Barcelona director Calixto Bieito.' Wall Street Journal

'Bieito's vivid productions have electrified audiences and challenged the critics.' Guardian

'Dismissing him simply as "provocateur" is insufficient to describe his serious, nuanced vision.' New York Times

'Bieito is always controversial but this savage reworking of Shakespeare is sheer genius... thrillingly radical, yet deeply respectful of the original play.' The Scotsman on Bieito's Hamlet

Waht Calixto Bieito and Marc Rosich say about Forests...

'Forests are not merely landscapes in some of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays, but almost another character in their dramatis personae, with their own magic and nature. Throughout his works, Shakespeare uses elements of nature to elaborate metaphors about human behaviour, and conversely, he takes examples from human life to analyse how the natural world works. This is why we thought that it was a good idea to include all the forests of Shakespeare in a new play, with this natural space as a leitmotif. Having this purpose in mind, we have used parts of more than twenty different plays and stripped speeches and characters from their original plots. Trusting in the intrinsic power of Shakespeare’s verses, we have violently juxtaposed fragments drawn from different plays within a new dramatic structure, aiming to shape a show in the form of a symphonic poem, made of words, images and music.'

Read more in this Guardian feature.


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