Öper Öpis

Zimmermann & de Perrot

13 - 16 January 2010 / 19:45


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Opening the 2010 London International Mime Festival, Oper Opis (which translates as “someone something”) is a mix of visual arts, circus, music and dance.

Directed and led by the rubber-limbed Martin Zimmermann, and composer/DJ Dimitri de Perrot, the company features some of Europe’s top young circus artists.

On a precariously tilting, unstable floor a daredevil game of shifting relationships, balance and control unfolds. Driven by a fabulous live scratched soundscore, every move is a risk, every step a challenge and everyone’s perspective distorted.

Performance time: 19:45
Running time: 70mins / no interval

Age guidance 8+

14 Jan Post Show Talk
Chaired by Dick McCaw with members of the company

Concept, artistic direction and design by Zimmermann & de Perrot
Original music by Dimitri de Perrot
Choreography by Martin Zimmermann
Performed by Blancaluz Capella, Victor Cathala, Rafael Moraes, Dimitri de Perrot, Kati Pikkarainen, Eugénie Rebetez, Martin Zimmermann

Presented in association with the 2010 London International Mime Festival.

Co-produced by London International Mime Festival; Equinoxe, Scène Nationale de Châteauroux; Grand Théâtre de Luxemburg; La Ferme du Buisson, Scène Nationale de Marne la Vallée; La Filature, Scène Nationale de Mulhouse; Opéra Dijon; Le Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg; Le Merlan, Scène Nationale à Marseille; Pour-cent culturel Migros; Schauspielhaus Zürich; Theater Chur; Théâtre de la Ville, Paris; Théâtre Vidy, Lausanne; Verein Zimmermann & de Perrot.

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