The (Imaginary) Misogynist

Guildhall School final-year actors star in this wildly comic satire

6 - 16 February 2017 / 19:30, 14:00
Milton Court Studio
By Tamsin Oglesby

Tamsin Oglesby director
Sophie Thomas designer
Chris Needle lighting designer*
Bryan Novelo Patton sound designer*

Number 15 is unanimously chosen as first trumpet in a blind audition. She turns out to be a woman. The leader of the orchestra turns out to be a misogynist. The next twelve years of her life turn into a living hell as he tries to get rid of her in this wildly comic satire on prejudice, power and the people in its thrall.

*Student on the BA (Hons) Technical Theatre Arts programme

Listen to our podcast with writer and director Tamsin Oglesby and cast members Lucie Fletcher and Luke Thallon as we discuss the true story behind the play, what it's like to direct a play that you've written, and the different challenges that a comedy brings after an autumn term of August, The Crucible and Great Expectations.

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