Ella Good and Nicki Kent
Hair As You Like It - Shakespeare Style

Barbican Shakespeare Weekender:
Play On

5 - 6 March 2016 / 11:00
Barbican Centre


Silk Street Entrance, Level G

A mobile hair salon in a caravan. An informal space where people can meet, sit, chat, look through photo albums, listen to music and have their hair cut or styled if they choose.

New hairstyles specially invented for Play On include: Ophelia, the fairies Puck and Titania, Queen Elizabeth and King Lear. Pop into the salon and be transformed!

Ella Good and Nicki Kent are artists who make lots of different things. The things they make are usually about meeting people, starting conversations and making social spaces. Their work meets audiences outside of traditional arts institutions to create conversation and change around society itself - looking at how we, collectively, live.

Suitable for all ages

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