Forced Entertainment

12 - 13 April 2013 / 23:59
The Pit

11.59pm (12 Apr) –11.59pm (13 Apr)

12-hour tickets from
11.59pm (12 Apr) – noon (13 Apr)
or noon (13 Apr) –11.59pm (13 Apr)

£2 online booking fee, £3.50 telephone booking fee per transaction - click here for more information on booking fees

 Sold out

Watch the highlights from Quizoola here:

Tickets are sold out so check this website for returns or tune in to the Quizoola! live webcast for free between 11.59pm on 12 April and 11.59pm on 13 April and watch online as the tension, hysteria and excitement build as the hours go by.

Part game, part improvisation, this unique 24-hour live experience pits alternating pairs of performers against one another as they test their opponents with an avalanche of questions. Whether philosophical, trivial or deeply personal, answers must be invented on the spot, creating shifts in atmosphere from intimate chat to pub quiz to police interrogation.

Get involved in the run-up by submitting your own questions online. Then step in with a ticket that leaves you free to come and go, and watch the stakes being raised as the game escalates.

One of theatre’s true innovators, Forced Entertainment takes its dark and hilarious performance to new lengths with this supersized version.

'A performance that changes the rule book' Independent on Sunday

Presented in partnership with SPILL Festival of Performance

24 hours

Age guidance 16+

Conceived, devised and performed by Forced Entertainment
Robin Arthur
, Tim Etchells (Artistic Director), Richard Lowdon (Designer), Claire Marshall, Cathy Naden and Terry O’Connor
Text by Tim Etchells, Forced Entertainment and you!
Set and lighting design by Richard Lowdon

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This event is part of:
SPILL Festival of Performance


Commissioned by Lois Keidan and Catherine Ugwu at ICA Live Arts & National Review of Live Art


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