Shoreditch Festival 2011

16 - 17 July 2011 / 13:00
Regents Canal


This summer, for the third year running, the Barbican Centre collaborate with Shoreditch Trust at Shoreditch Festival to present a top quality mix of live music, theatre, dance, film and much more including performances from Red Baraat, Soul Rebels Brass Band and Owiny Sigoma Band, Whalley Range AllStars, Boy Blue and The Little Theatre of Dolls. The World in Motion Drummers will also be performing along the canal all weekend.

Shoreditch Festival 2011 celebrates East London’s waterways across towpaths, green spaces, basins, bridges and other unusual spaces along the Regent’s Canal.

Soul Rebels Brass Band

17 Jul 7pm
The Soul Rebel Brass Band embraces the rich jazz traditions of their New Orleans homeland but add life-affirming vocals and hip shaking grooves aplenty.

17 Jul 1pm – 6pm
Jump aboard with this merry band of vagrants as they blend storytelling and haunting music, dredged from the watery depths and inspired by the Regent’s canal. Musical saws, toys and unusual instruments, the people, goods, flotsam and jetsam.

Range AllStars
Compost Mentis
17 Jul 2.30pm and 4.30pm
A compost heap has a life of its own and harbours thoughts that are fermenting within. Puppet, mechanical and musical interventions ensure that the audience, like the gardener, are led up the garden path.

Owiny Sigoma Band
16 Jul 5.10pm
The band bestow on us gloriously hypnotic Afro grooves symbolic of the true culture clash between Kenya and London.

Collectif and then

On a Boat
16 Jul 2.30pm and 5.30pm, 17 Jul 1.15pm and 2.15 pm
Having sailed the seven seas (or canals rather) Collectif amaze with juggling, aerial hoop, acrobatics and live music all taking place on top of our very own circus boat!
Collectif will be holding a workshop on 16 Jul at 3.30pm

Red Baraat

16 Jul 6.25pm
Red Baraat melds the infectious North Indian rhythm Bhangra with a host of sounds, namely funk, go-go, Latin and jazz to deliver a riveting sound.

The Little Theatre of Dolls

The Suitcase
17 Jul 2pm – 5pm
A girl and a boy that live in a suitcase spend the day making music and have a little band. Artists and puppeteers, Frida and Raisa, bring that world to life, for children and adults alike.

Red Herring Productions

That’s the Way to Do It!
17 Jul 2pm, 3.40pm and 5.20pm
What would happen if Punch and Judy broke free of their booth? Havoc on the high street? Social unrest? Mass rebellion? Part walkabout, part performance, part installation, there’s ample opportunity for law-abiding folk to join the cavalcade in this raucous outdoor comedy.

Fool’s Paradise
Lobster à la Cart
17 Jul 2.10pm, 3.30pm and 5pm
Giant lobsters take over! As evolutionists predicted, the new masters of the planet have arisen from the seas.

Letter Lounge

17 Jul 1pm -6pm
In a flurry of Twittering, Facebooking, and emailing we’re just too busy for lovely handwritten letters, let alone the walk to the post box. Letter Lounge brings cake, tea, coffee, paper, pens and stamps. All you need to bring is the address. 

 Car Boot Sale

17 Jul 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Come and pick up a bargain or 2. Whatever you buy you will treasure forever...or at least until you sell it at a car boot sale.

Boy Blue
17 Jul 2pm
Festival favourites Boy Blue return with a their electrifying mix of synchronized hip-hop moves, energetic breakdancing and soulful beats.
Exclusive Masterclass from Boy Blue Entertainment, 17 Jul at 4.20pm

Julie Simpson

Gwyneth Poultry
17 Jul 1.45pm, 3.10pm and 5.10pm
With tractor, dog and chickens sounds ringing through the air Gwyneth pedals her miniature tractor into town. Join in the unique mobile village fete which includes egg and spoon races, gurning competitions and guess the weight of the imaginary donkey.

Running Order


2.30–3pm Collectif and then- On a Boat (19)
3.30-4.30pm: Collectif and then- Circus Workshop (19)
5.10pm Owiny Sigoma Band (8)
5.30–6pm: Collectif and then- On a Boat (19)
6.25pm Red Baraat (8)


1.30–6pm Sawchestra-Adrift (19)
1–6pm Letter Lounge ( 7)
1.15–1.45pm Collectif and then- On a Boat (19)
1.30–4.30pm willDings - Car Boot Sale (17)
1.45–2.30pm Julie Simpson - Gywneth Poultry (17)

2–2.20pm Boy Blue Entertainment-performance (14)
2.00–5.00pm The Little Theatre of Dolls - Suitcase (12–18)
2–2.40pm Red Herring Productions - That’s the Way to Do It!  (13)
2 – 2.20pm World in Motion Drummers
2.10–2.40pm Lobster A’ La Cart (13)
2.15–2.45pm Collectif and then- On a Boat (19)
2.30–3.10pm Whalley Range All Stars - Compost Mentis (17)

3.10–3.55pm Julie Simpson - Gywneth Poultry (17)
3.30 – 3.50pm World in Motion Drummers
3.30–4.00pm Lobster A’ La Cart (13)
3.40–4.20pm Red Herring- That’s the Way to Do It! (13)

4.20–4.50pm Boy Blue Entertainment - Workshop (14)
4.30–5.10pm  Whalley Range All Stars - Compost Mentis (17)
4.45 – 5pm World in Motion Drummers

5.00pm > 5.30pm: Lobster A’ La Cart (13)
5.10pm > 5.55pm:  Julie Simpson: Gywneth Poultry (17)
5.20> 6pm: Red Herring- That’s the Way to Do It! (13)

7pm: Soul Rebels Brass Band - (8)

All day- ongoing
1.30–6pm: Sawchestra - Adrift (19)
1–6pm: Letter Lounge (7)
2– 5pm: The Little Theatre of Dolls- Suitcase (12– 18)

See the festival map for locations (the Barbican is not responsible for the content on external websites).

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This event is part of:
Blaze Free events

Produced by Shoreditch Trust and the Barbican, part of Shoreditch Festival

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