Liquid Liquid + Junior Boys + Optimo DJs

Domino Crystal Anniversary - New York's famed funk/punk outfit reform for the club event of the year

4 October 2008 / 19:30

£10/ 15/ 20/ 25

 Sold out

ADMISSION: from a party friendly..... £10!...
Starts 7.30pm til very very late
Bar Open even later...

Come and help Domino Records shake it up at their 15th birthday party Optimo style.
Live on stage in the Barbican's auditorium:

Liquid Liquid (live)
Manahatten's legendary Liquid Liquid fly in for their first ever London show. Former label mates of ESG, and originators of the ultimate bass line. Liquid Liquid's influence stretches from White Lines to DFA, Animal Collective to LCD Soundystem and Hot Chip, and gave Optimo their name.

Combining percussive grooves with a smattering of bass, congas, marimba, and the occasional vocal thrown in, the quartet consists of  Scott Hartley (drums, percussion, talking drum), Richard McGuire (bass, percussion, piano, guitar), Salvatore Principato (percussion, vocals), and Dennis Young (percussion, marimba, roto toms). 

Get ready to get seriously loose...

Junior Boys (live)
Live and direct from Berlin & Toronto, Junior Boys fly in for this one-off show.
Previewing material from their highly anticipated album out in the New Year, Junior Boys
bring their maximal / minimal low end touch to test the limits of the Barbican's PA.

Swooning mandatory...

Outside the auditorium we're building our own party space with projectors, light show and a bespoke PA for our own version of a night on the floor at the world's best club...

JD Twitch and JG Wilkes are doing the rest like only they know how right on through to the afterparty

Come and experience the Espacio...

‘Liquid Liquid are the real thing. Watching them, you grasp exactly what "punk-funk" means. Using three drum kits and a bass, the quartet generate a churning, clattering groove that is neurotically urgent’. The Guardian

'Junior Boys' spectral vision of electronic pop is an understated, unpredictable delight'
The Guardian

'This is what I recall of the most brilliant clubbing nights of my life' 

Music Correspondant for The Times on Optimo DJs

This event is part of:
A Domino Records Crystal Anniversary

Produced by the Barbican


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