Midori Takada

+ Visible Cloaks

28 September 2017 / 19:30
Milton Court Concert Hall
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Immerse yourself in the hypnotic ambient soundscapes of Japanese composer and peerless percussionist Midori Takada.

For those that are familiar with Midoriís music it would not be outlandish to compare her output, in terms of quality and originality, with the likes of Eno or Reich. With an encyclopaedic knowledge of Asian and African percussive tradition and a clear kinship with American minimalism, Midori creates transfixing dream-like compositions that have the power to transport the listener to other worlds. However with only a small amount of releases to her name, many of which have been out of print for years, her music has been underappreciated until recently.

The re-release of her seminal 1983 album Through The Looking Glass earlier this year has seen Midori return to Europe on tour, after many years away, to capture audiences imaginations with her meditative, almost ceremonial live show. Fittingly, support on the night will come from Japanese new-age music enthusiasts and self-confessed Takada fans, Visible Cloaks. The ambient duo from Portland, Oregon combine 1980s far-eastern inspiration with glitchy electronica for their immersive material.

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