Possibly Colliding: Session Five

Szun Waves + Canto Ostinato Audio Visual + Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

3 July 2016 / 14:00
LSO St Lukeís

An afternoon of entrancing, ethereal and enveloping electronic music.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smithís folk background is evident in her compositions. Inspired by the life and landscape of her home on Orca Island in Washington State, she uses kaleidoscopic synth sounds and processed vocals to create music that seems to expand and flood the space around it, anchored only by the rhythmic pulsing patterns at its core.

An unconventional trio of harp, electronics and visuals, Canto Ostinato Audio Visual is an interpretation of Simeon ten Holtís famous piece, a minimalist masterpiece that can be completely different each time itís performed. Looping sections of music, performers Gwyneth Wentink, Wouter Snoei, Arnout Hulskamp and their self-developed software improvise the length, speed and phrasing of the piece, the dynamics constantly shifting, the music swimming in the light and colour of their visuals.

A newly-formed group comprising electronic musician Luke Abbott, Laurence Pike (PVT) and Jack Wyllie (Portico), Szun Waves is a contemporary twist on the Jazz trio. Crafting psychedelic soundscapes from modular synths, drums and saxophone, their music has an almost mystical, spiritual quality to it, like Sun Ra processed through digital filters.

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