Congotronics vs Rockers + Stranded Horse

Feat. Deerhoof, Juana Molina, Konono N°1, Kasai Allstars, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Matt Mehlan (from Skeletons)

12 July 2011 / 19:30

£15 - 25

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Inspired by the recent Tradi-Mods vs Rockers album on Crammed, featuring remixes of Konono N°1 and Kasai Allstars by some of alternative music’s coolest names, tonight’s bespoke show features an awe-inspiring ensemble of 19 Congolese and Western musicians. Together they explore and re-invent some of contemporary music’s most unique music in a joyful homage to a shared musical DNA. Expect to be intrigued, enthralled and uplifted as you dance the night away.

Follow the band's blog on their tour of Europe and Japan. 

Congotronics vs Rockers live - Ambulayi Tshaniye

Electro-traditional music of Congolese street party band Konono N°1 and their infamous home-made amplification system and makeshift junkyard percussion was first introduced to western audiences by Crammed Records in 2004. Their wild, otherworldly music was compared to both Kraftwerk and Lee Perry by critics and won them fans from Beck and Thom Yorke to Herbie Hancock and Björk (whose last album they plyed on). An inspired series of albums followed, under the collective moniker of Congrotronics, featuring amongst others the Kasai Allstars, and a phenomenon was born.

Deerhoof vs. Kasai Allstars - Travel Broadens The Mind by Crammed Discs

Juana Molina vs. Kasai Allstars - Hoy supe que viajas by Crammed Discs

'If all this project manages to do is infect a few of us cynical types with that same sense of exhilarating energy it has been worth crossing continents for.'

For an album made up of the contributions of 26 different artists, each with their own individual vision, it’s odd how cohesive everything here feels… with the traces of heady and hypnotic Congotronics rhythm acting as the one constant that allows each track to share at least a tiny drop of the same DNA.’ Drowned In Sound on Tradi-Mods vs Rockers (Crammed Discs, 2010)

FreeStage: Owiny Sigoma Band

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