Kept Impulses

Hauschka, James Blackshaw & Nancy Elizabeth + Special Guests

10 May 2010 / 19:30


subject to availability
 sold out

Cinematic suites of prepared piano, transcendental 12-string guitar and emotionally atmospheric songs from three musicians collaborating together for the first time in a contoured programme of ensemble and solo performances.

A one-off concert which brings together experimental/ electronica piano player Hauschka, guitarist James Blackshaw, and singer/songwriter Nancy Elizabeth in an extraordinarily fluid live collaboration.

Listen to Nancy Elizabeth talk about Kept Impulses on the April Podcast by Barbican Music at minute 02.42. (Click play, let the podcast load on the SoundCloud player - it's very fast - and find the bit you're looking for by clicking on the waveform)

These three acclaimed artists will be on stage together throughout, first performing on each other’s songs in an intimate musical conversation, before being joined by a chamber orchestra (directed by David Coulter and featuring multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bloch and harpist Julia Thornton) to play specially-commissioned arrangements of their material.

This is a unique opportunity to hear three great individualists creating beautifully-matched music from the common ground that they share in modern folk, contemporary composition and bewitching song.

As composers and performers all three effortlessly weave traditional folk, contemporary classical and modern song into magical and transfixing musical suites.

'Hauschka builds his repeating structures with a Romantic ear — pensive minor chords, inviting melodic lines, slow-cresting dynamics — and, sometimes, a foundation of rock rhythm … ingenious and exquisite’ New York Times

‘Blackshaw has lately emerged as a major force in the world of instrumental guitar [with] his epic, austere compositions and unpretentious 12-string technique ... downright beautiful stuff’ Billboard Magazine

‘Nancy Elizabeth is something of a hidden treasure … she’s haunting, ethereal and totally compelling, everything a singer-songwriter should be’

Part of Whale Watching and Kept Impulses Multi-buy
Part of Only Connect

Produced by the Barbican in association with Qu Junktions


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