Fun Bike Shorts (15)


6 October 2012
The Pit

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We Love Bikes
We really love bikers.
Denmark 2010 Dir Palle Demant 4min

Joe Moody
BMX saved Joe Moodyís life.
Austria 2011 Dir Terry Barentsen 3 min

Camper Bike: Kevin Cyr
A portrait of Kevin Cyr, the artist.
USA 2012 Dir Amelia Shaw 7 min

Less Car, More Go
The next level of the cycle sustainability movement is cargo bikes.
USA 2011 Dir Liz Canning 8 min

The King of the Ice
A unique look at the 2012 Toronto Icycle race.
Canada 2012 Dir Dale Sood 15 min

Make the Move
This is a story which highlights our increasing dependence on technology and also the degree to which we think we are controlling it - but who really is being controlled?
UK 2012 Dir Alec Birkbeck 5 min

No Place to Ride
When itís -20 degrees outside, there is simply no place to ride. But with a little help from friends, and a strong will to ride, everything is possible.
Lithuania 2011 Dir Marius Krivicius 4 min

Wolfpack Marathon Crash Race (Greatest Hit)
The Los Angeles Marathon is mapped out and closed off the night before giving riders the chance to race 26.1 miles of Los Angeles with no traffic.
US 2011 Dir Warren Kommers 10 min

Tour de Tan
Dominic Stables is an aspiring filmmaker with a dream. Cycle all the way from a wet and windy West Yorkshire, down through France and arrive at the Cannes Film Festival. His teammates set him a series of en route challenges; wine tasting, town twinning, parties, cheese eating, and much more. He sets out to make his film Orange Fever.
UK/ France 2012 9 min

Smile for Future
After the disasters of earthquakes and tsunamis hit the northern region of Japan in March, Ucchi, a world-class BMX flatlander decided to deliver smiles to the suffering with his mentor and BMX legend Kotaro.
Japan 2011 Dirs Go Ishigaki and Naoto Tamaru 13 min

Letís Didgeridoo This 
For BMX legend Joe Rich and his Terrible One crew go down under. An exquisitely shot film that expresses the soul of BMX in Australia.
Australia 2011 Dir Joe Rich 17 min

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Bicycle Film Festival 2012

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