A Quiet Passion (12A)

15 - 30 April 2017
Cinema 2 / Cinema 3
Superbly portrayed by Cynthia Nixon, Emily Dickinson is given an intimate and invigorating biopic by Terence Davies; remarkably, it’s the first time a film has been made about the poet.  

A rebellious teenager, a young Emily returns home after dissenting at school. Learning to write at night, Emily develops her poetry alongside the everyday life of her beloved family; her father, brother and sister, and ailing mother, eventually succumbing to Bright’s disease.

Throughout, Davies pushes past the cliché of ‘the recluse’ that we know about Dickinson. Instead she is lively, sociable and capable of more than a few brilliantly tart one-liners. Her gradual isolation is put into context: the lack of suitable suitors, editors who overlook or misunderstand her work; the death of her parents and her unmatched clarity and individual thinking.

With excellent support from Jennifer Ehle, playing her sister Vinnie, this is a fine look at the fairly misunderstood life of one of America’s finest poets.

UK 2016 Dir Terence Davies 125 min

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