Science on Screen: La Jetee + The Blood of a Poet (15) + Presentation


12 December 2017
Cinema 3
Prof Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins explore the shifting nature of memory, questioning our assumptions about how time unfolds before a screening of two classic French short films.

Blood of a Poet

Cocteau's enigmatic first feature is a fascinatingly surrealist tour-de-force, exploring the 'inner self' of the poet within a series of imaginary events.

Through his experimentation with trick photography and the technical capabilities of film, Cocteau created unique, strange and sometimes disturbing images. This visual poetry combined with liberal doses of theatrical camp make a rich and fascinating film.

France 1930 Dir Jean Cocteau 53 min

+ La Jeteť

A sci-fi classic made almost entirely of stills, La Jeteť brings to life the post-apocalyptic story of a man obsessed with an image from his past. It won first prize at the 1963 Trieste Film Festival, and was the inspiration behind Terry Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys.

France 1962 Dir Chris Marker 28 min

In partnership with the London Mathematical Laboratory
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