The Battle for Representation: Victim (12)

4pm / This screening has been cancelled

20 May 2017
Cinema 3
Please note, this screening has been cancelled for technical reasons.

If there’s any question on the magnitude effect cinema can have on our lives, one only has to look at the impact films have had in perpetuating stereotypes of marginalised communities. Synonymous with this is the powerful potential cinema has in shedding light at minorities and the injustices faced, bringing the need for change to the fore.

Now considered to be one of the most LGBT-friendly places in the world, it may be jarring to some that homosexuality was only decriminalised in the UK in 1967. One of the catalysts for this progress was Victim, known to be the first film in the English language to use the word “homosexual” and to feature a romance between two men.

Dirk Bogarde stars as the lead character struggling with blackmail, in this suspenseful thriller, set in shadowy London. Reflecting the paranoia and mood of the time, the film is declared by its director Basil Dearden as an “open protest” against the criminalisation of homosexuality.

UK 1961 Dir Basil Dearden 98 min

Random Acts

Random Acts has partnered with Tate to present six films in response to Queer British Art. These provide glimpses into LGBTQ lives through intimate portraits of six individuals. This screening is preceded by:

Ian McKellen
Scott Chambers gives an emotional performance evoking the feelings of a young Ian McKellen, as the acclaimed actor narrates his account of growing up in a time when there was no possibility of being out as a young gay man.
UK 2017 Dir Joe Stephenson 4 min
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