Sci-fi Sundays: Soylent Green (15)


30 July 2017
Cinema 3
An iconic slice of science fiction cinema, Soylent Green sets a police procedural in a disturbing dystopian future.

In New York City in the year 2022, the world has become massively overpopulated and polluted. The streets are overcrowded, the oceans a drying up, and resources are running out. The population mostly survives on rationed food, particularly Soylent Green, a protein-rich wafer produced by the Soylent Corporation, supposedly made from plankton. When a member of the wealthy elite is murdered, detective Frank Thorn (Charlton Heston) takes on a case that penetrates right through to the shocking truth at the heart of Soylent.

US 1973 Dir Richard Fleischer 97 min

Random Acts
Random Acts showcase short films chosen for their bold & original expressions of creativity. Commissioned by Channel and in partnership with Arts Council England. This screening is preceded by:
You Are Awake
In 2013 the inhabitants of a small village in Kazakhstan mysteriously fell asleep en masse for days at a time. Spanish director Pedro Martín-Calero interprets the bizarre real-life events in this short film.
Spain 2015 Dir Pedro Martín-Calero 5 mins

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