Into the Woods: Viy (12A)


25 May 2017
Cinema 3
Khoma and his secondary school friends get lost in the woods and find themselves spending the night in the company of a witch; terrified, they return to school. Upon arriving back, Khoma is informed that he must pray for the soul of the ill daughter of a rich merchant. Ultimately he is locked in an epic supernatural battle over the course of three nights.

Based on a story by Gogol, Viy is in equal measures terrifying, hilarious, magical and awe-inspiring; with a mastery of special effects, it is a treat to behold.

USSR 1967 Dirs Aleksandr Ptushko, Konstantin Ershov, Georgy Kropachev 72 min
35mm presentation 

Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

Curated by Cigarette Burns Cinema

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