The Japanese House: An Autumn Afternoon (PG)


21 May 2017
Cinema 2
Widower Shuhei Hirayama (Chishu Ryu) has been living happily for years with his grown-up daughter (Shima Iwashita) when he attends a school reunion and is shocked by the figure of his former teacher, now an embarrassing drunk, reliant on a daughter who looks set to become an embittered spinster. Shuhei heeds this warning and now embarks on the task of marrying Michiko off, while reluctantly preparing for a new life on his own. 

Over a 35-year career, director Yasujiro Ozu became known for his gentle domestic dramas about middle-class family life; this, his last film, is one of his finest, suffused with a wistful autumnal feeling of things coming to an end.

Japan 1962 Dir Yasujirô Ozu 113 min
Digital presentation

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