The Japanese House: The Crazy Family (18)


11 June 2017
Cinema 2
Meet the Kobayashi family: successful dad, loving wife, two well-adjusted children, dog. They’ve just moved out of their tiny Tokyo flat and into a beautiful suburban house. Sounds perfect?  Not so much: their new home is infested by termites, their unwanted granddad moves in, and soon the whole family starts to crack up.

As his collective family’s behaviour grows steadily unhinged, dad Katsuhiko takes drastic action, boarding up all the doors and windows and advocating a group suicide. This leads to an all-out five-way battle, fought with any household item that comes to hand – including the family dog.

This flamboyant, stunningly twisted comedy of suburban life comes courtesy of one of Japan’s wildest talents, Sogo Ishii, who with Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo) and Shozin Fukui (Pinocchio 964) is one of the key directors of the Japanese ‘New Wave’ of the late 1980s/early1990s.

Japan 1984 Dir Sogo Ishii 106 min
16mm presentation

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