What the Movies Do to Us: Boy Meets Girl (15)


27 April 2017
Cinema 3
Each art form has its fanatics. “Cinephilia” is the name we give to the specific kind of love that cinema has inspired. For cinephiles, cinema is “an art unlike any other: quintessentially modern; distinctively accessible; poetic and mysterious and erotic and moral – all at the same time.” (Susan Sontag). Cinema is a religion, and a crusade. “For cinephiles, the movies encapsulated everything.”

The films of French director Leos Carax are notable for their flamboyant cinephilia. Carax was a film critic before becoming a film maker and has said himself that his first film, Boy Meets Girl, was the work of an ardent film lover eager to celebrate his inspirations.

A love story shot (in the best Nouvelle Vague tradition) in luminous black-and-white on the streets of Paris, the Boy is a young Denis Lavant, who falls in love with a voice he hears on the intercom one night, and sets out to track down the Girl it belongs to.

France 1984 Dir Leos Carax 100min 35mm presentation 
35mm print courtesy of the Institut francais

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