She's So Giallo: All the Colors of the Dark (18*)


28 June 2016
Cinema 1
The remarkable Edwige Fenech stars in this London-set giallo as Jane Harrison. Jane is troubled and traumatised, living with the memory of her murdered mother and the misfortune of losing her unborn child in a car accident. When she seeks help to deal with her emotional problems, she is unwittingly captured by a satanic cult and forced to conduct murders on their behalf. And all the while, Jane is being stalked by a stiletto-wielding stranger.
Maybe her misery is being caused by her jealous sister Barbara (Nieves Navarro, billed as Susan Scott) or her distracted lover Richard (George Hilton)? Or is it all in her head?
This is a gloriously over-the-top and gory mystery from director Sergio Martino, full of Martino's signature psychedelic imagery and challenging questions about sex and feminism and freedom.

Italy/Spain 1972 Dir Sergio Martino 94 min

The specially-commissioned season poster for She’s So Giallo, illustrated by Graham Humphreys, is available to order now.

Curated by Cigarette Burns Cinema

35mm print courtesy of the UNCSA Moving Image Archives
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