My Twisted Valentine: Who Killed Teddy Bear (15)


14 February 2016
Cinema 3

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Who’s calling Norah Dain? That’s the question on everyone’s lips, for a variety of shady reasons in this sleazy, cult crime mystery from director Joseph Cates.

A New York DJ, Norah (Juliet Prowse) is used to unsavoury characters, especially when a guy trying too hard to pick her up ends up with a knife in his chest. Called to the police station to make a statement, the detective, Lieutenant Dave Madden (Jan Murray) becomes more interested in who’s been making those calls.

Maybe it’s her amorous boss Marian (Elaine Stritch); maybe it’s the busboy with a crush (Sal Mineo); or maybe, it’s somebody completely different…whoever it is, this brilliant period piece, full of pulp and intrigue, definitely lives up to being a twisted Valentine.

US 1965 Dir Joseph Cates 86 min
Shown in 35mm

This is the first big screen presentation of Who Killed Teddy Bear in the UK, using a rare 35mm archival print kindly supplied by Network Distributing.

Curated by Cigarette Burns Cinema

Part of My Twisted Valentine

Please arrive promptly at the advertised start time

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