Shakespeare on the Silent Screen: Hamlet (PG*)

4pm/ + live musical accompaniment by Robin Harris and Laura Anstee

6 March 2016
Cinema 1

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A special performance of the new original score by Robin Harris for Svend Gade’s 1920 production of Hamlet, one of the most absorbing and innovative Shakespearean film adaptations of the silent period.

Danish diva Asta Nielsen stars with a powerful, alluring performance as the Prince of Denmark. Born a girl but brought up as a boy, she discovers the truth about Claudius and her mother the Queen and seeks to avenge her Father’s death.

With live musical accompaniment by Robin Harris and Laura Anstee.

Germany 1920 Dir Svend Gade

Commissioned by the Société Française Shakespeare for Shakespeare's 450th birthday.

This event is part of:
Shakespeare on the Silent Screen
Silent Film & Live Music Series
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