Head Trips: Abstraction and Infinity - Visual Music Films (U*)


4 October 2015
Cinema 3

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This special screening of abstract Visual Music films is curated by Cindy Keefer, Director of Center for Visual Music in Los Angeles.

Featuring the transcendent visions of Jordan Belson, James Whitney, Richard Baily, Bret Battey and other artists, plus psychedelic-infused films, this program celebrates the exploration of absolute light and sound in visual music, shown in 16mm and digital formats.

Full programme:

Yantra 1957 Dir James Whitney, Music by Henk Badings 9 min 16mm
Allures 1961 Dir Jordan Belson, Sound by Henry Jacobs and Jordan Belson 8 min 16mm
Chakra 1972 Dir Jordan Belson, Sound by Jordan Belson 6 min 16mm
Turn, Turn, Turn 1966 Dir Jud Yalkut, Sound by USCO 10 min 16mm
Permutations 1968 Dir John Whitney, Sr, Music by Balachander 8 min 16mm
Tanka 1976 Dir David Lebrun, Music by Ashish Khan, Buddy Arnold, Pranesh Khan and Francisco Lupica 9 min Digital
Samadhi 1967 Dir Jordan Belson, Sound by Jordan Belson 6 min Digital
aura 2007 Dirs Richard Baily, John Buchanan, Music by Richard Baily 6 min Digital
Autarkeia Aggregatum 2005 Dir Bret Battey, Music by Bret Battey 10 min Digital

This event is part of:
Head Trips: Films for the Inner Eye

Please arrive promptly at the advertised start time

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