Berlin Calling: City of Lost Souls (18)

8.30pm / + Introduction by Juliet Jacques

15 January 2015
Cinema 2

 Sold out

This underground, trans-spectacular punk musical from 1983 centres on a group of American ex-pats in bohemian West Berlin.

These various ‘lost souls’ are drawn into the orbit of one Angie Stardust, a black singer and drag artist from Harlem, and the cast of unapologetic misfits includes: the glamorous Southern transvestite Tara O’Hara, sexual trapeze artists Tron von Hollywood and Judith Flex, a quasi-cult leader and practitioner of erotic black magic, Gary Miller, and Lila, a trashy, spotlight-seeking Southern blonde played by celebrated punk singer Jayne County.

Directed by Rosa von Praunheim, the film is a hysterical, historical document of a particular time and place. Emerging as a genuine cult classic it is screening here from a recent re-master.

We are pleased to be joined by Juliet Jacques, journalist, cultural critic and author of Trans: A Memoir (Verso, 2015) to introduce this screening.

West Germany 1983 Dir Rosa von Praunheim 91 min

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Berlin Calling

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