Short Film Programme (15*)


20 November 2013
Cinema 2

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Discover the new Steven Spielberg or the future Sofia Coppola in this specially selected series of short films, made by young filmmakers.

The Short Film Programme has been curated around the themes Imagine, Insight and Slice of Life and will be followed by a Q&A with directors Lottie Kingslake (The Blood of the Bear), Prosper Unger-Hamilton (Dreamliner) and Louisa Mayman (Come Clean).

Curated by the Barbican Young Programmers.

For ages 15+

Slice of Life:

The tale of a sweet girl who is a little different to everyone else and her comedic day to day encounters.
Dir Daniela Pasquini

The Delusional Mind Of An Infatuated Teen
film is deeply rooted in imagination, with the protagonist revealing, through the medium of soliloquy, their fantasy relationship with a certain teenage pop-culture icon.
Dir Bradley Thornhill

A dramatic depiction of a playground game between London children.
Dir Ben Garfield, Keep it Tidy Productions

A German Word 
A look into the mind of a language-obsessed young man on a quest to impress an unattainable young woman.
Dir Will Webb


The Blood of the Bear
A young boy’s encounter with a great white bear helps him to come to terms with his father’s illness.
Dir Lottie Kingslake

A short animation about disappearance, and the nature of personal and impersonal space. 
Dir Prosper Unger-Hamilton

The Life of Cardboard 
A young boy bounces back from having his dreams crushed as a simple cardboard box escalates to so much more when he begins to grow in confidence
Dir Wayne Nicholson - Ellandar Productions / Planet Raw

Four Nerds and a Bird
A surreal comic caper of four nerds as they head to a comic book convention in a recently acquired Peugeot
BFI Film Academy at Cornerhouse


A Day In the Life of a Fly, A Dragon and A Philosopher
A stop-motion animation of the final hours of a notable fly, dragon and philosopher.
Dir Dotty Kultys

Cross and Cave
A film about an exciting public art commission for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Dir Muzzammil Hashmi

A darkly comic look into the domestic life of the iconic fashion dolls Barbie and Ken.
Dir Allie Litherland

Come Clean
A hallucinatory depiction of a fleeting encounter between two young people as they explore their hedonistic pursuit for meaning.
Dir Louisa Mayman

London At Night
This film aims to capture the essence of London at night with a romp through the romantic, the trendy and the iconic places. All in 90 seconds with a tongue-in-cheek narration.
Dir Ben Garfield, Keep it Tidy Productions

Total programme running time 90 min

This event is part of:
Framed Film Festival 2013

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