Pick 'n' Mix Flicks (U)

10am Framed Film Club Extra / 11am Short Films

23 February 2013
Cinema 1


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10am Framed Film Club Extra
Make your own reading journal with special guest artist Tracey Bush, and use it to record your favourite stories.

11am Pick 'n' Mix Flicks
A special programme of rarely seen short films from all over the world – this medley of movies is a brilliant opportunity for families to try out some bite-sized stories.

There’s a fairy-tale style adventure about a Rat who wants to be a prince, a colourful animation about a Goat Herder and his journey to feed his animals, a story of a lion who squeaks rather than roars, and lots more besides. See below for a list of confirmed films.

Colosse: A Wood Tale
A strange wooden puppet wanders through the forest and befriends a red-headed woodpecker.
US 2012 Dir Yves Geleyn 2 min

Little Bird and the Leaf
A beautiful story about a bird who follows a falling leaf and is drawn into the path of a cunning fox.
Switzerland 2012 Dir Lena von Dohren 4 min

The Squeakiest Roar
A lovely animation for young viewers that tells the story of a lion cub who squeaks instead of roars.
UK 2012 Dir Maggie Rogers 3 min

Snowflakes and Carrots
A young girl visits all the local snowmen in the area and steals their noses - but who or what would want a bunch of carrots?
Canada 2011 Dir Samantha Leriche-Gionet (Boum) 4 min

The Rat Prince
A fantastical fairy-tale land is brought to life with detailed model animation. Will the rat conquer the scary dragon and win the heart of the princess?
Germany 2011 Dir Albert Radl 14 min

Aston’s Presents
Aston is very excited about his upcoming birthday but sometimes the best presents are the ones you least expect.
Sweden 2012 Dir Sweden Uzi Geffenblad & Lotta Geffenblad 9 min
With subtitles read aloud

The Goat Herder and His Lots and Lots of Goats
A brightly coloured animation full of fun and inspiration – winner of the ‘Best Independent Animation’ at the Blue Plum Festival, Tennessee.
UK 2012 Dir Will Rose 7 min

Just a Little
A cheerful pig heads to the lake for a bath with some new friends and they come across an enchanted toad who can grant their wishes.
Sweden 2012 Dir Alicja Bjork Jaworski 9 min
With subtitles read aloud

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