Zarafa (PG*)

4pm / Special Festival Preview

25 November 2012
Cinema 1

£10 adults
£6 children

 Sold out

Drop in for a range of fun activities linked to the Zarafa film – as part of the price of your ticket. Take a journey around the Barbican with your adventurer's passport and get it stamped at each Make and Play station.

Dazzling visuals are the order of the day in this amazing story of friendship and courage, based on 19th Century events when the first ever Giraffe reached French shores.

Zarafa, an orphaned giraffe, is given as a gift to King Charles X and on his journey across Africa is befriended by an escaped slave boy, Maki who is determined to keep their bond alive no matter what.

France/Belgium 2012 Dir Rémi Bezançon and Jean-Christophe Lie 78 min

This event is part of:
Families at the Barbican
Framed Film Festival 2012

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