International Programme 4 - Recent Japanese Shorts (15*)


27 October 2012
Cinema 3

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The best of recently released short animated films from Japan – this year’s LIAF country of focus – opens the window on what’s going on in the young Japanese animation scene.

Special thanks to the Japan Foundation and Carte Blanche.

Many Go Round
A certified can't-believe-my-eyes piece of animation made of ingeniously cut paper silhouettes formed into a kind of phenakistoscope.
Japan 2011 Dir Yoshihisa Nakanishi 6 min

The People Who Never Stop
The story of a crowd who never stop, for better or worst.
Japan / France 2012 Dir Florian Piento 3 min

And And
Stunning, rhythmic, abstracted animated images pour across the screen in this music clip made for Toru Matsumoto (Psysalia Psysalis Psyche).
Japan 2011 Dir Mirai Mizuie 7 min

The Great Rabbit
A young boy worships his beloved rabbit.
Japan 2012 Dir Atsushi Wada 7 min

Pieces of 3.11
On 11 March 2011, a tsunami struck Japan and spread fear along the coast, but also in the rest of the country and the whole world. The devastation and anxiety found its way to the media and appeared on television, sharply contrasting with entertainment programmes with canned laughter and applause.
Japan 2011 Dir Kotobuki Shiriagari 2 min

A homicide scene with the corpse of an actress dressed in red, a man with a gunshot wound, and an internationally well-known detective. Is this the climax scene from some drama? Or is it a murder that took place during the shooting of a film?
Japan 2012 Dir Kawai Okamura 9 min


The final collaboration between legendary pop artist Keiichi Tanaami and the late, great Nobuhiro Aihara. Eye-popping, warped imagery to feed your head until it explodes!
Japan 2011 Dir Keiichi Tanaami 6 min

The Mechanism of Spring/Haru no Shikumi
Oh my, how things happen in Spring! Buds are bursting and your body is filled with energy.
Japan 2010 Dir Atsushi Wada 4 min

I am a 66-year-old cicada. There was a big earthquake. There was a big tsunami. There also was a big accident.
Japan 2011 Dir Isamu Hirabayashi 7 min

Specimens Of Obsessions / Hyouhon No Tou
The centipede of punishment, an ephemera of obsessions, the leech of closure, a snail of escape, and of course the cockroach of usual life.
Japan 2011 Dir Atsushi Makino 12 min

Yonalure: Moment To Moment

Pure animation magic! A tour of arcs and soaring glides that ever ebb and rise through a village as it attempts to separate from the moon.
Japan 2011 Dirs Ayaka Nakata & Yuki Sakitani 8 min

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