Cinematic Shorts (15)


5 October 2012
Cinema 1

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A fast and frivolously fun take on a classic by Ninjatune’s Hexstatic.
UK 2012 Dir Robin Hexstatic (as Robin Brunson) 2 min

Amidst the seemingly endless fields of the Po Valley lies Villa Rocca - a 20 persons strong community, dominated by a 500-year-old, inexorably crumbling castle. For one day each year, the morbid and almost magical place comes to life. A colorful bunch of velophile Italians convert the castle grounds into a single speed cyclocross course.
Italy/ Germany 2012 Dirs Kristian Walter Ansand & Martin Gilluck 10 min

Another Bike Theft Experiment
Casey Neistat takes to the streets of New York to steal bikes yet again.
USA 2012 Dir Casey Neistat 4 min

Georgena Terry
Georgena Terry, founder of Terry bicycles, revolutionized the women’s biking industry by creating a bike frame specific to a woman's body. This is the story of how she got her start and the challenges within the women’s biking movement.
USA 2011 Dir Amanda Zackem 6 min

The Inverted Bike Shop
A bike shop in Brooklyn that does things a little differently.
USA 2012 Dir Peter Crosby 5 min

A man, coming to terms with the loss of his son, works a branch into a perfect block of wood and installs it into a velodrome track as a memorial. He rides the track on his son’s bike, making the journey his son never could. Boy stars respected British actor Timothy Spall, whose works include Secrets and Lies and the Harry Potter series.
England 2012 Dir Justin Chadwick 10 min

Three-Legged Horses
Based on a true story, an Edinburgh rickshaw driver determined to make enough money before his knees are permanently damaged, takes on one last grueling job - a journey to the highest point in town, the Edinburgh Castle.
Scotland 2011 Dir Felipe Bustos Sierra 20 min

Philippa and Nancy
Where does one find love in the modern world? In nightclubs? On the internet? Best friends Philippa and Nancy have tried all that, without success. Now they turn to their bicycles to try a new method…
Scotland 2011 Dirs Paul Whyte, Ciarra Barry, Claire McInnes & Nora Smyth 8 min

Candy Rides
A painter charms an elusive young woman while bicycling in Brooklyn.
USA 2012 Dir Jason Giampietro 16 min

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