International Programme 1 (15*)


27 August 2011
Cinema 1

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Eight programmes featuring more than 100 of the very best and the very latest short, animated films.

Every style, every genre, every technique. Your comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the international indie animation scene.

White Hair
The sudden discovery of a single white hair triggers an episode of obsession and denial.
UK Dir. Yuka Takeda 5 min 25 sec

Secret Bee
Venturing toward the sweet honey-spot where representation and surface push and pull each other like a two-headed lama.
USA Dir. Gina Kamentsky 2 min 30 sec

The Smaller Room
In a room there is a box. In the box there is a forest. In the forest there is a lost child. A place where living beings appear … and vanish.
Switzerland 2009 Dir. Cristobal Leon, Nina Wehrle 2 min 20 sec

The eye of an artist, the hand of a calligrapher and the imagination of an animator all combine in this wonderfully imagined study in perspective-bending, shape-changing, black and white, moving image.
Poland 2010 Dir. Robert Proch 4 min 44 sec

Dry Fish
A wondrous cascade of cool creatures, crazy colours and bewildering scenarios. Two minutes of pure fun.
UK 2010 Dir. Andy Martin 2 min

The mysteries that emerge when the lights go dim and a new world takes over.
Belguim 2010 Dir Ben Gijsemans, Nicolas Keppens 3 mins 24 sec

The Undertaker And The Dog
One day, an undertaker encounters a lowly pack of dogs. Without explanation he hands them his most valuable creation.
Japan 2010 Dir. Shin Hashimoto 3 mins 54 sec

Get Real!
An utterly unique visual experience! A boy, compelled to score the love of a mega-queen in a violent computer game, loses his grip on reality until he tastes a real kiss.
Holland 2010 Dir. Evert de Beijer 11 mins 27 sec

The Origin Of Creatures
In this dark parable of a post-catastrophic world, a colony of mutilated limbs emerges in an ultimately doomed attempt to create a new form of randomly co-operative beings.
Holland 2010 Dir. Floris Kaayk 11 mins 45 sec

The Twin Girls of Sunset Street
Ointments, elixirs and poultices. Enriqueta and Ramoneta will attend your needs with discretion and reserve at Sunset St No 17A, Barcelona.
Spain 2010 Dir. Marc Riba, Anna Solanas 13 mins

To Swallow A Toad
It's The Rounds vs The Squares. The Squares can deal with The Rounds cutting their ears off all the time ‘cause they can swallow toads, but at some point toad addiction looms.
Latvia 2010 Dir. Jurgis Krasons 10 mins

A visit to an Indian mental institution reminds Ines of the last days she spent with her friend Amar.
Spain 2010 Dir. Isabel Herguera 8 mins 10 sec

New Hippie Future
A surreal, psychedelic cutout extravaganza with a fantastic Krautrock inspired soundtrack.
Croatia 2011 Dir. Dalibor Baric 4 mins

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This event is part of:
The London International Animation Festival 2011


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