International Programme 6 – Abstract Showcase (15*)


28 August 2011
Cinema 1

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A collection of in-competition, recently released films focusing entirely on abstract and experimental animation. Outstanding examples of non-narrative, highly imaginative cinematic art and some of the most intriguing, challenging and rewarding films in competition.

Time Ripples In Sense World
Sense implies it’s opposite. You are here. Enjoy the spectacle before the inevitable farewells and next departure.
Australia 2011, Dir. Paul Fletcher, 7 min

Music Box
A unique, physical exploration of tactile, visual and aural space using imprints and impressions of all manner of cogs, wheels and other industrial minutiae.
USA 2010, Dir. Dylan Ladds, 3 min 44 sec

Press +
A constantly evolving network of forms and shapes eternally locked into a rolling chain of little ‘Big Bangs’.
Australia 2009, Dir. Benjamin Ducroz, 1 min 30 sec

Machination 84
If Viking Eggeling had been able to re-do Symphonie Diagonale in high definition and 16:9 format 85 years after it premiered, the result might look something like this.
Austria 2010, Dir. lia, 5 min 43 sec

Rolling colours and sounds are pushed together in a stop-motion animation exploring the possibilities of a rotating two dimensional set.
Australia 2010, Dir. Lindsay Cox, 4 min 4 sec

Dextro's compositional frameworks are seldom equalled. Once unravelled, they operate with elegant simplicity and offer the key to unlocking a truly limitless set of possibilities.
Austria 2008, Dir. Dextro, 5 min

Ancient Alien Circus
An absorbing, always changing deconstructive ride through the cumulative building blocks of an urban environment.
Canada 2010, Dir. Neely Goniodsky, 1 min 42 sec

A deceptively simple floaty universe of revolving planetoids and waltzing amoebae.
Canada 2010, Dir. Malcolm Sutherland, 4 min

Seattle Solstice
An optical print of hand-made 16mm film-frames using a collection of fauna to map the Seattle landscape as the year passes.
USA 2008, Dir. Caryn Cline, 2 min 40 sec

Geometry never looked so good. A visual cacophony of intersections and forever-lengthening perspectives.
Japan 2009, Dir. Mirai Mizue, 4 min 45 sec

A masculine noun and a shortened form of striptease. From ‘strip’: to remove, to take away; and ‘tease’: to entice, to tempt. And then all this in plural.
Canada 2009, Dir. Felix Dufour-Laperriere, 5 min 40 sec

As Above, So Below
A colourful homage to pioneering Canadian artist Alexandra Luke, one of the founders of the early 1950s Painters Eleven movement.
Canada 2009, Dir. Elise Simard, 1 min 44 sec

An Abstract Day
An abstract visual story told in sound. We witness a day in the life of a couple who fight, make love and escape the hot and crowded city.
Holland 2010, Dir. Oerd van Cuijlenborg, 5 min 36 sec

The Yarwood Trail
A richly coloured, direct-to-film immersion of texture, light and shapes.
Canada 2009, Dir. Richard Reeves, 3 min 58 sec

A sudden change of style for one of our favourite animators. Marv Newland goes abstract and we love every second of it.
Canada 2011, Dir. Marv Newland, 7 min 13 sec

Fiesta Brava
The crazy cattle stampedes on the streets of Pamplona have ended. Now, the bulls are throwing the world's biggest party.
Canda 2011, Dir. Steven Woloshen, 3 min 26 sec

Inner View
A paint-on-glass, animated homage to Canadian artist Kazuo Nakamura.
Canada 2009, Dir. Patrick Jenkins, 2 min

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This event is part of:
The London International Animation Festival 2011


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